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How does pricing work?

We offer a genuinely enterprise-grade product and provide transparent and predictable pricing (see our pricing webpage). Avoid billing surprises and experience the following benefits:
  • No minimum storage time: While most cloud providers charge a prorated fee for deleted objects, at Impossible Cloud you only pay for what you store.
  • Fair minimum file size: While other cloud providers require you to pay exorbitant fees even for small files, at Impossible Cloud you are charged for increments of 1 GB² - and without any additional fees in our subscription models.
  • No outrageous egress fees: While other cloud providers charge exceptionally high egress fees, at Impossible Cloud you will face no such surprises.
  • No API call fees: While other cloud providers make you pay to send and access data, at Impossible Cloud these API calls are without additional fees.
Our pricing model is without surprises. We have a simple Pay-per-Use model and custom pricing for Reserved Capacity Plans with a minimum subscription period of 12 months.
Reserved Capacity
€/$ per TB storage per month
Monthly fee
€/$ per TB egress per month
If you have any open questions, contact us anytime: [email protected].
¹Fair use policy: This fair use policy mechanism prevents individual Impossible Cloud user accounts from consuming excess system resources at the expense of other user accounts.
²Increments are charged after a minimum charge of 1 TB.
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