Setting up

Sign-Up and Log in

Before you can use Impossible Cloud Storage, you'll need to sign up and log in.

  1. If you don't have an account yet, simply visit and click on 'Create new account'.

  2. Once your account is set up, you can log in using your new credentials.

With your free trial, you gain access to 150 GB of storage and 150 GB of Egress (download capacity) for a whole month, and there's no need for a credit card. Rest assured, working through the exercises in this Getting Started guide won't incur any charges. You'll only be billed for Impossible Cloud Storage when you begin using it for data storage.

Using Impossible Cloud Storage

Once you're logged in, let's walk through a series of steps you'd typically perform in the Impossible Cloud Storage web console.

  1. Access the 'Buckets' tab: Click on 'Buckets' in the left-hand menu. This should be the default tab that opens when you log in.

  2. Create your first bucket: Navigate to the 'Buckets' menu, then click on the 'Add Bucket' button located at the top right corner. Provide a name for your new bucket and click 'Add'. Please note that this name must be unique across all Impossible Cloud Storage buckets.

  3. Upload a file (or an "object"): Click on the bucket you just created and select 'Upload File'. Choose one or several files from your device and start the upload. A progress bar will appear, and the files will be listed once they are uploaded.

  4. Download a file (or an "object"): To download a file (or an "object"), simply click on the file you want to download, and a download dialog will appear.

  5. Delete a file (or an "object"): To delete a file, click on the trash bin icon located on the right side of the filename and confirm the deletion in the dialog box.

  6. Delete a bucket: To delete a bucket, go back to the 'Buckets' menu on the left, tick the checkbox next to the bucket you want to delete and click 'Remove Bucket' at the top right corner. Remember, the bucket needs to be empty, so you'll have to delete all objects within the bucket first!

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