Using versioning

When interacting with objects in a versioning-enabled bucket, you have several options:

  • Add different versions: In a non-versioning bucket, uploading the same object multiple times overwrites the previous object. In versioning, every version is kept - as long as the file name incl. the name extension is precisely like the one previously uploaded.

  • Add delete markers and reverse the action: You can add a delete marker to any object - which subsequently hides the respective object. In other words, the object and its previous versions no longer appear as items in the bucket. This action can be reversed - by restoring all previous versions of the object.

  • Download specific versions: You can either download the latest version of an object or any particular version that was uploaded previously. This can even be done when a delete marker is placed on an object.

  • Permanently delete specific versions: When you have uploaded multiple versions, you can delete particular versions. This will remove them from our platform - making a recovery of the deleted version impossible.

To add different versions, simply re-upload an object that you have already uploaded previously. The name must precisely be the same as before - incl. the object's extension.

To add a delete marker and hide an object, click on the delete button next to the object. Note that the delete button next to each version behaves differently and triggers object version operations rather than object operations. It's essential to ensure that 'Delete all versions' is disabled. To reverse this action, simply choose to show deleted files and restore the object.

To download specific versions, you can either download the object - which in turn downloads the latest version - or you can choose a particular version. This latter feature also works when a delete marker is placed on the object.

To permanently delete objects, you can either delete a specific version or delete the entire object. Note that these actions are irreversible.

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