Emptying a Bucket

The 'Empty Bucket' feature provides a straightforward way for root users to delete all objects within a selected bucket via the Impossible Cloud interface. This tool is especially valuable when you need to ensure a bucket is completely cleared of its contents, which can be challenging to accomplish manually if dealing with large quantities of data, various object versions, or protected items. It simplifies what would otherwise require scripting expertise and command-line operations.

Note that this feature will only delete the contents of the bucket. The bucket itself will remain intact. If you wish to delete the bucket entirely, this must be done as a separate action after emptying the contents.


  • You must have root access to the Impossible Cloud account.

  • Ensure the bucket you choose is the one you intend to empty.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access Bucket Settings

    • Navigate to the 'Buckets' tab on your Impossible Cloud dashboard.

    • Click the cogwheel icon beside the bucket you wish to empty to open its settings.

  2. Schedule the Emptying Process

    • Find and activate the 'Emptying the bucket' setting, noted as not scheduled by default.

  3. Confirm the Deletion Process

    • Read the pop-up details regarding the permanence of the action and exceptions for Object Lock.

    • Type "permanently delete" to confirm and activate the 'Permanently Delete' button.

  4. Finalize the Schedule

    • Click on the ‘Permanently Delete’ button to confirm the deletion. This action will initiate the bucket emptying process, which will begin in 24 hours from the time of confirmation. This 24-hour delay is fixed and cannot be altered by the user.

    • The settings page will then display the scheduled time for the process.

  5. Monitor Status or Cancel

    • On the bucket's page, a notification will inform you of the scheduled emptying.

    • As a root user, you can cancel the process before it commences if necessary.

  6. Check Completion

    • After the scheduled time, the bucket's page will indicate the completion of the emptying process.

    • Verify that the bucket is empty before using it again.

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