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Understanding the 'Folders' concept

Impossible Cloud Storage is not exactly like a computer's file system, we do have something similar to folders to help keep things tidy. You can group related files (objects) by giving them a shared beginning to their names, almost like they're in a folder.

Just like you can have folders inside folders on a computer, you can do the same here, but you can't have buckets inside buckets. You can create these virtual folders and put objects directly into them, and while you can create, delete, and share these folders, renaming them is not an option.

Key Use Cases

Here are a few examples you can use Impossible Cloud Storage:

  1. Backup and Recovery: Securely back up your files and recover them whenever needed.

  2. Media Hosting and Management: Store and distribute media files, like images and videos, directly from your bucket.

  3. Data Archiving: For data that isn't accessed frequently but still needs to be retained, Impossible Cloud Storage provides a cost-effective solution. Historical data, long-term records, or old project files can be securely stored in the cloud and retrieved whenever needed.

  4. Big Data Analytics: Many businesses are now using large-scale data analysis to drive decisions. Impossible Cloud Storage can be used to store large datasets, providing an accessible and scalable solution for your big data analytics needs.

While the use cases we've outlined are common, Impossible Cloud Storage is versatile and can be tailored to many different needs. Your requirements dictate its use - so it's not just for backups, media hosting, and the other examples we mentioned. Explore and see what it can do for you.

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