Number of buckets limitations

You can keep any quantity of items in a single bucket, and your account can have a maximum of 100 buckets.

Restrictions on Operating System/Filesystem level

Object names are primarily limited by the local operating system and filesystem. Some operating systems such as Windows restrict certain characters in file names, such as:

; ^ / * | " &

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and the restrictions may vary based on the operating system and filesystem in use. Consult the documentation of your operating system vendor or filesystem for a comprehensive list of restrictions for your specific situation.

Impossible Cloud Storage currently does not support the following object names:

  1. Forward slashes at the beginning.

  2. Empty path segments.

S3 API limitations

Max size of any object

50 TiB

Min size of any object

0 B

Max length for bucket names


Max length for object names


Max length for / separated object name segment


Object conflicts

Objects must have names that are unique and do not conflict with their parent objects. To prevent naming conflicts, applications must assign keys to objects that are unique and non-conflicting. For instance, the second PUT operation in the following sequence will fail because of a naming conflict with the object created by the first operation:

PUT <bucketname>/xxx/yyy/textfile.txt
PUT <bucketname>/xxx/yyy
PUT <bucketname>/xxx/yyy
PUT <bucketname>/xxx/yyy/textfile.txt

To avoid issues, please ensure that object names are always unique and do not conflict with their parent objects.

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