Using object lock

Interacting with buckets and objects provides several options unless all settings for the bucket were defined during creation. In this latter case, only legal hold settings can be changed. It's important to note that most of these actions are irreversible once implemented. Additionally, all of the following interactions require the appropriate permissions:

  • To change the retention of a bucket, you can edit the policy within the bucket's settings. This change will apply to all uploaded objects - including all versions, both those already uploaded as well as those not yet uploaded. Note that the retention policy can only be changed when no such policy is already defined.

  • To modify retention properties for a specific object or one of its versions, you can edit the retention policy for that item. It's important to note that any changes to an object's retention policy will only apply to its latest version.

  • Add a delete marker to an object: Similar to versioning, you can add a respective delete marker to objects. These objects with delete markers can be restored by showing deleted files. In contrast to versioning, you are unable to delete files with a defined retention policy:

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