Managing policies

The 'policies' tab serves as the single source of truth for all policy management. You can add, filter and delete policies as well as edit a policy's permissions. Note that the 'policies' tab is only visible for root users - and accordingly, also conducting any of the above actions.

  • To add a policy, navigate to the 'policies' tab and select the respective button 'Add policy' on the top right of the console. You are then prompted to name the new policy, assign it to relevant buckets and decide which permissions you would like to assign to that policy. Note that you can assign different permission for different buckets simultaneously by clicking on 'Add Statement'. After creating a policy, you can filter policies with the search bar. You can also look at the commands when opening the 'JSON' tab for reference purposes. Note that when a policy is created, you have to assign that policy in the 'groups' tab - see the documentation for managing groups.

  • To delete policies, navigate to the 'policies' tab and click on the respective button next to the policy.

  • To edit a policy's permissions, navigate to the 'policies' tab and click the respective button next to the policy. You can edit the assigned buckets, the bucket's respective policies and add bucket-permission statements. Similar to when creating a policy, you may also refer to the JSON tab for the commands.

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