Using Impossible Cloud with AWS CLI

There are two ways to use Impossible Cloud with the AWS CLI.

Method 1

The first method involves adding the following subcommand after every command:


For example, if you want to list your buckets in the CLI, please type:

aws s3 ls --endpoint-url=

or by using a specific profile:

aws s3 ls --profile=impossiblecloud --endpoint-url=

Method 2

To make it easier to access third-party S3 providers, you can use the awscli-plugin-endpoint plugin, but you will need to create an additional profile along with the default one. To create this profile, you can add a "profile" line at the end of the config file located in the ".aws" directory in your home directory.

Add a line profile line at the end of the config file like this at the end of the file:

[profile impossiblecloud]

After you've added the "profile" line to the config file, be sure to save the file.

Once you have created a profile, you can follow the instructions provided on the plugin's GitHub page, which you can find at this link: By doing so, you should be able to use "--profile impossiblecloud" after every command instead of having to type out the entire URL.

For instance, if you wish to list your buckets using the AWS CLI, simply type:

aws s3 ls --profile=impossiblecloud

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