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Creating a bucket

Creating a bucket allows you to store any object - irrespective of type or size. To create a bucket, simply navigate to the 'buckets' menu item and click on 'Add Bucket'.
Navigate to 'buckets' and click on 'Add Bucket'.
You are then asked to edit its properties - i.e., define its name and choose whether to use versioning (see relevant documentation) and object lock (see relevant documentation). While the versioning property can be changed at a later point in time, both the name and object lock properties are unchangeable. Click 'Add' to finalize the process.
Name the bucket, edits its versioning and object lock properties and click on 'Add' to create a bucket.
Choose a bucket name that reflects the objects you will store in that bucket as it is visible in the URL. For details on naming rules, see our relevant documentation.
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