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Enabling object lock

Object lock can prevent objects from being removed or overwritten for a specified period. Note that you must first enable versioning before enabling this feature on a bucket. Unlike versioning, object lock must be enabled at the time of bucket creation and the settings cannot be changed after creation.
You can either choose to define a retention period for each object individually or for all underlying objects. Legal holds can only be defined by version or object and not by bucket.
  • Reserve the option for individual retention periods for underlying objects by leaving the 'Retention' checkmark blank.
    In the bucket overview, choose to 'Add Bucket'.
    Checkmark both 'Enable Versioning' and 'Enable Object Lock'.
  • Set up aggregate retention periods for all underlying objects by defining the retention mode and validity when creating the bucket.
Add an aggregate retention policy for all underlying objects in that bucket.
Last modified 5mo ago