Organization-wide Policies

A root user has a few more MFA options under the "Organization-wide policies". You'll see a list of subusers linked to your main account.

One important feature is the "Enforce MFA policy to all users in your organization" checkbox. If you enable this checkbox and confirm the change, the MFA becomes mandatory for all users, including you. Essentially, it locks in the MFA policy across your organization, making it impossible for any subuser to disable MFA.

As for individual subusers, while they can't disable MFA once the organization-wide policy is in effect, they can still reset their own MFA. Please note that this process is only possible while you are logged into your Impossible Cloud Storage account and your session is active.

There's also a "Reset MFA" button for each subuser in the "Organization-wide policies" list.

Organization-wide Policies are exclusively available for root users. Subusers don't have access to these functions.

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