Managing users

The 'users' tab serves as the single source of truth for all user management. You can add, filter and delete users (subusers) as well as edit the assigned rights incl. group memberships and access keys. Note that the 'users' tab is only visible for root users - and accordingly also conducting any of the above actions.

  • To add users, simply navigate to the 'users' tab and click on the according button on the top right of the console. You are then required to fill in the future user's email and define a password. Ensure to always forward the assigned password - otherwise, the user will be unable to log in. Once added, you can also filter users by using the search bar.

    Subsequently, the sub-user has to confirm the signup process by following the provided link via email as well as logging in with the assigned password.

Refer to our relevant documentation on rules for setting a password.

  • To delete users, navigate to the 'users' tab and click on the respective button next to the user.

  • To edit a specific user's group memberships and access keys, navigate to the 'users' tab and click on the user's respective properties. In the next step, either edit the user's group memberships or the assigned access keys. You can also assign multiple memberships at the same time. Note that access keys are only required when using our S3-compatible object storage from external applications - see our documentation on access keys.

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