Navigating the menu

You can access the console's features from the menu on the left-hand side of any page. Note that most of these are only visible for the root user - i.e., not the sub-users:

  • Buckets: Manage your buckets and underlying objects (see guide).

  • Keys: Find all information for authentication on your S3 API (see guide).

  • Manage IAM (see guide):

    • Users: Add, delete or edit details of your sub-users.

    • Groups: Add, delete or edit details of your groups.

    • Policies: Add, delete or edit details of group-specific policies.

  • Billing: See details of your plan and storage as well as egress consumption (see guide).

  • Additional actions:

    • Contact support: Open the contact support link. You may expect to receive feedback per our SLA according to the ticket's priority. Please see our Terms of Service document for more information.

    • Documentation: View details on using Impossible Cloud Storage.

    • Log out: Sign out of your account to deactivate your session, sign in as a new user or reset your password.

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