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What are the rules for naming buckets?

Choose a bucket name that reflects the objects you will store in that bucket as it is visible in the URL. In addition to this best practice, there are a few rules to be considered when naming buckets:
  • It must be unique across existing bucket names at Impossible Cloud Storage
  • It must be between 3 and 63 characters long
  • It can contain only lowercase characters, numbers, hyphens and dots
  • It must begin and end with a letter or number
  • It cannot contain the following:
    • Consecutive dots
    • Adjacent dots
    • Adjacent hyphens and dots
    • Entire name formatted as an IP address - e.g.,
    • xn-- as a prefix
    • -s3alias as a suffix
Valid name examples - unless already used - are: 'sales-archive' or '20230101-sales-material'.
Last modified 5mo ago