Creating a Backup Task to Impossible Cloud Storage

Step 1: Create a bucket in Impossible Cloud Storage

You'll need to create a bucket (Versioning and Object Lock features are disabled) in your Impossible Cloud Storage console. Here is a link to the Impossible Cloud Storage documentation, which includes detailed instructions and screenshots for creating a bucket.

Step 2: Run Synology Hyper Backup

Login as Admin to your Synology device. Open the "Package Center", then find and select "Hyper Backup".

Click "Install" if it's not yet installed or "Open" if it's already installed. Backup Wizard will open.

Step 3: Select a Backup Destination

Select "S3 Storage" in the Backup Wizard and click Next. Fill the credentials and endpoint address (Server address). Select the bucket created in Step 1.

Note: using Signature Versions v4 over v2 is highly recommended.

Step 4: Select Data for Backup

Select a data to back up and click Next.

Please follow this guide to complete creation of a new backup task and you are ready to go.

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