Iconik Integration: Configuring Cloud Storage

Step 1: Create a bucket in Impossible Cloud Console

You'll need to create a bucket in your Impossible Cloud Storage console.

First, click on the "Add Bucket" button in the top right corner, give your bucket a name, and then press Add.

Step 2: Add Cloud Storage in Iconik

In the Iconik application, navigate to the Admin section and click on "New Storage." Refer to the Iconik documentation (https://app.iconik.io/help/pages/admin/storage/adding/s3_compatible) for detailed instructions on adding cloud storage.\

Step 3: Configure the New Storage

To configure the new storage in Iconik, follow the detailed instructions below:

  1. Name the Storage: Provide a descriptive name in the 'Name' field.

  2. Set Storage Purpose: Select "Files" as the purpose for this storage configuration.

  3. Choose Storage Type: Set the Storage Type to "Amazon S3" to match Impossible Cloud Storage compatibility.

  4. Enter Access Key and Secret Key: Fill in your Impossible Cloud Access Key and Secret Key.

  5. Specify Bucket Details: Enter the Bucket name and set the Region to your region, such as 'us-west-1'.

  6. Configure Endpoint: Set the Endpoint URL to "https://us-west-1.storage.impossibleapi.net".

  7. Adjust Permissions: Customize the Permissions settings based on your needs.

  8. Enable Scan (if needed). This will allow Iconik to scan the storage and update the media asset information accordingly.

  9. Confirm and Save: Click "OK" to complete the configuration.

Step 4: Start Uploading Files

With the cloud storage successfully integrated into Iconik, you can now begin uploading your media files. Use the provided interface in Iconik to initiate the upload process.

Successful Integration

By following these steps, you will have successfully set up cloud storage within the Iconik application, allowing you to conveniently manage and access your media assets stored in Impossible Cloud Storage.

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