Configuring S3 Browser with Impossible Cloud Bucket

Step 1: Create a bucket in Impossible Cloud Console

You'll need to create a bucket in your Impossible Cloud Storage console.

First, click on the "Add Bucket" button in the top right corner, give your bucket a name, and then press Add.

After adding the bucket, the user can add files/folders in the bucket.

Step 2: Getting the Access Key and Secret Access Key

After creating the bucket, the user can go to the Keys web page where they will find the Access Key, Secret Access Key, and the server name which can be further used to configure the Cyberduck local client.

From this page, the user can get Access Key and Secret Access Key along with the bucket/server URL.

Step 3: Configuring S3 Browser Local Client

The end goal of this configuration tutorial would be to integrate the S3 client with the impossible cloud bucket. After downloading the S3 client, the S3 client can be downloaded from here. Once installed, open the client and this window will pop up on its own, where the fields have to be configured with the URL, access key, and secret access key.

By pressing the Add new account button, the impossible cloud bucket will be connected with the S3 Browser client and now the user can access all files from of the bucket locally.

Step 4: Configuration Completion

Once the configuration is done, the user will be able to see this screen.

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