Using Cyberduck with Impossible Cloud Storage

This guide will show you how to use Cyberduck with Impossible Cloud as an endpoint.

Step 1: Create a bucket in Impossible Cloud Console

You'll need to create a bucket in your Impossible Cloud Storage console.

After logging in, click the "Add Bucket" button in the top right corner, give your bucket a name, and then press Add.

Step 2: Prepare the endpoint address, Access and Secret Key

The Cyberduck application requires an endpoint to store your data. You can find your specific endpoint by navigating to 'Keys' in the Impossible Cloud Console. When copying this URL later in the process, make sure to adhere to the required formatting without 'https://' as a prefix and '/' as a suffix. For instance, use '' instead of ''.

Furthermore, your Access and Secret Key are required for the Cyberduck application. To find these, also navigate to 'Keys' in the Impossible Cloud Console. For ease of use, you can simply copy them to your clipboard when clicking on the respective button.

Step 3: Download and configure Cyberduck

Cyberduck offers applications for Windows and Apple - choose and download them accordingly from their website.

After a successful installation, you will first need to activate the S3 option. For that purpose, click on 'Open Connection', open the dropdown by clicking on the default 'FTP' option and select 'More Options'. Search for for 'S3 (HTTPS)', tickmark the respective entry and close the window.

Afterward, navigate again to 'Open Connection' and select 'S3 (HTTPS)'.

For the respective fields, use the following information from the above section 'Step 2':

  • Server: Your endpoint URL

  • Access Key ID: Your Access Key

  • Secret Access Key: Your Secret Key

Finalize your setup by clicking on 'Connect'. After a short time, you should be able to see your buckets and objects. Note that Cyberduck falls short of the complete UI functionality such as editing subuser rights or opening prior versions of an object.

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