Nakivo: creating a Backup Repository

Step 1: Create a bucket in Impossible Cloud Storage

You'll need to create a bucket (Versioning and Object Lock features are disabled) in your Impossible Cloud Storage console. Here is a link to the Impossible Cloud Storage documentation, which includes detailed instructions and screenshots for creating a bucket.

Step 2: Install Nakivo Backup and Replication

Proceed by installing Backup Exec on your system. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Add new storage inventory Item

Open Nakivo web interface, browse to Settings -> Inventory. Click "+".

Step 4: Select platform

Select type Storage (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze, Generic S3-compatible Storage...) and click Next,\

Step 5: Select the storage type

Select 'Generic S3-compatible Storage' and click Next.\

Step 6: Select the storage options

Enter the storage options and click Connect. When a pop-up with 'Certificate details' appears, click Accept. Click Finish.

Step 7: Complete adding new inventory item

Wait until the new inventory item has been added.

Step 8: Add new Repository

Browse to Settings -> Repositories. Click "+" - > Create new backup repository.

Step 9: Create New Backup Repository

Select Cloud & S3 compatible Storage and click Next.

Step 10: Select S3 compatible storage

Select "Generic S3-compatible Storage and click Next.

Step 11: Configure Name

Give your new repository some comprehensive name and select the inventory item you previously created from the 'Account' drop-down menu. Select a bucket for your backup data from the 'Bucket' drop-down menu and click Next.

Step 11: Configure backup repository options

Configure options and click Finish.

Wait until the new backup repository has been added. You are ready to begin backing up your data.

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