Release notes

March 4 2024 - Partner Management Console API v0.1

We are excited to announce the release of our Partner Management Console API v0.1, exclusively available to our distributors. This API is tailored to enhance the management of contracts, partners, and user access within the Partner Portal, facilitating operational efficiency and effective management of your distribution network. The following API endpoints are now available:

  • Get List of Available Contracts: This API endpoint allows distributors to easily retrieve a list of all contracts associated with their account, streamlining the oversight and management of contracts.

  • Get List of Partners in the Contract: Distributors can obtain a detailed list of all partners associated with a specific contract, enabling effective management of contractual relationships.

  • Create Partner in the Contract: New partners can easily be added to a specific contract, aiding in the expansion and efficient management of your network.

  • Change Partner's Name or Allocation: This feature provides the flexibility to update a partner's name or allocated capacity, ensuring partner records are current and accurately reflect their roles and capacities.

  • Create Partner Portal User for Specific Distributor Partner: Enables the creation of Partner Portal users for a specific distributor partner, enhancing the management of user access and roles within the Partner Portal.

The swagger documentation can be found here:

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