Page 'Customers'

Once you logged in as a Distributor admin, you can see the "Partners" page. Here's what you'll find on this page:

  • Select Contract: A dropdown menu to choose the specific contract you want to view. Each selection shows the amount of TB that is assigned to this contract. The contract is created by Impossible Cloud Sales for your Distributor account after you have signed a contract.

  • Capacity Overview widgets: Quick stats on how much storage is reserved and allocated, excess usage fee and the number of partners under your Distributor account. For each partner, you may view the allocated and used capacity. Please keep in mind that the displayed information may take up to 60 minutes to update.

  • Partner list table: A roster of your partners with details on each one's storage allocation and usage. 'Pay-per-use' labels indicate partners who are billed based on their actual usage.

Make sure to select the correct contract from the 'Select contract' dropdown menu. It's recommended to manage 'Reserved Capacity' and 'Pay-per-Use' subscriptions under separate contracts for ease of tracking.

Here you can also create a new partner and export detailed data about your partners in CSV format.

Also on this page you can interact with a table listing all partners. Clicking on a partner's entry allows you to open that partner's detailed view where you can manage that partner including:

  • Renaming the partner.

  • Transferring the partner to a different contract.

  • Adjusting their storage allocation.

  • Accessing detailed storage usage reports.

  • Adding or managing partner portal users associated with that partner.

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