Creating a storage account

To create a new storage account, use the 'Create storage account' button at the top-right of the page. You may now add the name of the company to which the storage account belongs, the email of that particular storage account user and either allocate storage as reserved capacity or create them as 'Pay-per-Use'. To assign the latter, simply leave the 'Allocate storage' field 0.

Storage can be allocated in 5TB increments using the navigation arrows or could be entered manually, up to your contract's remaining capacity. If additional capacity is required, please contact support.

The maximum amount of reserved storage you may allocate is the remaining available capacity of your contract with Impossible Cloud on the Distributor you purchased the storage from. In case you need more available capacity, please reach out our Sales or your Distributor accordingly.

Once a storage account is created, they can log in and start uploading data.

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