List of key terms

Please find following a list and descriptions of the most relevant terms.


Allocated capacity

Dedicated, fixed amount of storage space for one particular customer. Has to be covered by reserved capacity.

Channel partner

Either a managed service provider (MSP) or a value-added reseller (VAR). Entity is billed by Impossible Cloud. Can create end users and register deals.


Contracts are given out by the vendor to the channel partners or distributors, within the contract a reserved capacity is defined, which can then be used to allocate this to customers


Entity billed by a channel partner or a distributor or partner


Sales opportunity. Registration of deals/sales opportunities is required for any volume above 100TB or with special pricing.


Entity selling to distributor partners. Interacts directly with Impossible Cloud.

End user

Individual person using Impossible Cloud Storage either via CLI or the Console as the root user. Belongs to an entity that is billed by a dedicated channel partner or in the case of an MSP by a dedicated distributor.


Channel partner who is operating underneath a distributor. Does not interact directly with Impossible Cloud.

Partner portal user

A user which logs into the partner portal. Belongs to a partner entity (distributor, channel partner or distributor partner). Based on the role assigned the partner portal user can view, edit and delete entities in the partner portal.


Consumption-based pricing model, where customers pay for actual storage consumed with a minimum of 1TB.

Reserved capacity

Dedicated, fixed amount of storage space, where customers pay regardless of their actual consumption.

Storage account

A user which logs into the storage console and can utilise S3 services. Each storage account has a Company name attribute associated with it.

Used capacity

Actual storage consumed by the customer. Is equal to the amount billed in a 'Pay-per-Use'-contract and lower or equal to reserved capacity in a 'reserved capacity'-contract.

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