View and export Usage reports

In the "Usage" section of the Partner Portal, you'll have a comprehensive view of your partner's storage use over time. Here’s how to navigate this feature:

  • Selecting Timeframe: Choose the period you're interested in by selecting specific dates or using the quick buttons for 'This month,' 'Last month,' or 'This year' to adjust the graph accordingly.

  • Understanding Usage: On the right, you have quick-select options to view 'Average usage in timeframe,' 'Max usage in timeframe,' and 'Daily usage,' helping you identify usage patterns or spikes.

  • Exporting Data: Click 'Export CSV' to download a detailed report of usage data. This file will include dates, the storage account, and usage amounts, allowing you to analyze the data offline or keep records for reporting.

Average usage, Max usage, Daily usage and Export CSV will only contain values withing the selected date range.

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