API keys

The "API Keys" page in the Partner Portal is where you can create and manage your API access credentials.

API keys enable programmatic access to the Partner Portal via a RESTful API, which allows you to automate tasks and integrate the portal's features into your applications or workflows. RESTful API stands for Representational State Transfer, a standard software architectural style for creating scalable web services. It enables interaction with the portal through a set of stateless operations.

When creating a new API Key:

  1. Click on 'Create new API Key' to generate a token.

  2. Enter a description and set an expiration date/time for the key.

  3. Once created, ensure to copy the key immediately; it's your only chance to do so.

  4. The key won't be visible again for security reasons, but you can delete it using the trash bin icon if needed.

Remember, these keys grant access to the Partner Portal's features via API, so handle them securely.

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