Partner Portal API

What is Partner Portal API

The Partner Portal API provides a suite of RESTful JSON methods. It's important to note that this API is distinct from the AWS IAM/S3 endpoints and offers a different set of functionalities.

Key features of Impossible Cloud Partner Portal API include:

  1. Obtaining a list of available contracts;

  2. Obtaining a list of partners for a particular contract;

  3. Creating a partner;

  4. Renaming a partner;

  5. Updating storage allocation for a partner;

  6. Creating a Partner Portal user;

  7. Listing all Partner Portal users.

How to use Partner Portal API

To start using the Partner Portal API, first you will need to create an API key:

Next, you can use any common tools to create API requests such as cURL or Postman, or you can use our Swagger web interface.


You can access the list of currently supported endpoints for our Partner Portal API here:

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